When You List Your Personal Strengths, Are You Remembering This One?

We really, really look forward to Mondays. That’s “Email Day” around here. Each week I update our missionary-son, Landon, on our lives and share a short gospel principle that’s, hopefully, encouraging. I also ask him three to five questions about himself and his mission experience. Last week one of my questions invited him to listContinue reading “When You List Your Personal Strengths, Are You Remembering This One?”

She Wasn’t the Only One Who Touched the Savior’s Robe…

Notice how narrow the streets of Jerusalem are in the older parts of the city. And since many of the streets in the ancient parts of town haven’t shrunk, it makes sense that the streets in the Savior’s time would’ve been quite narrow as well. My guess is, walking up and down these streets would’ve beenContinue reading “She Wasn’t the Only One Who Touched the Savior’s Robe…”

Ebola: Proof There is No God?

A friend of mine recently posted a story from the web reporting two things: First, that Dr. Kent Brantley, a physician who recovered after being infected with the Ebola virus, gave God the credit for his recovery, and that, secondly, people shouldn’t believe in a God that saves one person from Ebola but allows 1200 other peopleContinue reading “Ebola: Proof There is No God?”

Jesus, My Mother, and Being Someone’s “Umbrella”…

I was wandering around Elaine Dalton’s Pinterest boards and found this: I hope you can see it sufficiently to read some of the words, especially the bottom where it says, “Be someone’s umbrella today”… I’m not going to go on and on about how hard life is, how negative mortality can be, how unfair ourContinue reading “Jesus, My Mother, and Being Someone’s “Umbrella”…”