Some Suggested Questions for Your Autobiography

I used a small, spiral bound book that had 365 questions about my childhood to write a short autobiography. Answering over 300 questions can sound a little overwhelming, so why don’t you start with five(-ish)? Type these questions up and then take some time to type up the answers. You can save your work in FamilySearch or Ancestry, or send them out to your children or grandchildren. (I may add a few more sets of questions over the next few weeks/months)

Here are some suggestions:

  1. When and where were you born? Are there any stories about your birth that have been shared by your parents or other family members? Are you aware of anything important that happened in the world on the day of your birth or the year of your birth?
  2. What was your home and yard like when you were young? Describe them. What was your favorite part of your home? Why? What about your favorite spot in the yard? Why? What else can you share about your childhood home and property?
  3. What was elementary school like for you? What did you love about school and what was frustrating? What was recess like? What were your teachers like?
  4. Tell us about your friends during your younger years. Who was your best friend and what about them allowed you two to get along so well? What did you and your friends do together? What are your favorite memories that are connected with friends?
  5. Tell us about your parents. What were they like when you were growing up? What clear memories do you have regarding your parents from when you were young? What attributes stand out the most? What did you admire about them? What frustrated you?

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