Parents: Explain, Share, and Testify…

head-shoulders-portrait-jesus-christ_1160198_inlThis will be short…

As a religious educator, I have some ways of measuring my efforts in the classroom. One of them to ponder and measure how well I “explain, share, and testify of gospel doctrines and principles”, and also to invite the students to do the same: explain, share, and testify.

In the Gospel Teaching and Learning manual, you’ll find the following:

Explaining doctrines and principles, sharing insights and relevant experiences, and testifying of divine truth clarifies a person’s understanding of gospel doctrines and principles and improves their ability to teach the gospel to others. As students explain, share, and testify, they are often led by the Holy Ghost to a deeper testimony of the very things they are expressing. Through the power of the Holy Ghost, their words and expressions can also have a significant impact on the hearts and minds of their peers or others who are listening. (2.6)

Think on those three words and their meanings: Explain, Share, Testify. So here’s my question for LDS parents, and any parents who are trying to teach their children to love the Savior and His gospel: Are you giving your children opportunities to explain, share, and testify, and are you taking opportunities to explain, share, and testify of gospel truths yourself?

Sometimes our Family Home Evenings are boring, not productive, confusing….lame. Other times we have pretty effective FHE moments. And in fact, we have a lot of other opportunities to teach the gospel outside of FHE. During our best moments, our children have chances to explain their understanding of different aspects of the gospel, share experiences they’ve had with those principles or thoughts and feelings they’ve had about the principles, and testify of what they feel and believe. My sweetheart and I do the same.

Those are our best moments of gospel learning…

Be Encouraging…



One thought on “Parents: Explain, Share, and Testify…

  1. Jeanne

    This is very important in our home. We may not have a lot of “normalcy” with some things, but scriptures and prayers and talking about what we learned at church or seminary (depending the age and days) or something we read in the scriptures, is very normal, I think, for our family. It is the only thing I feel like we do pretty well sometimes.


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