Why “Tithing” isn’t So Boring After all…

tithingTithing is a boring topic. I know. I get it. But there are two not-so-boring principles associated with tithing that have had an effect on my attitude about giving it…

In the last few months of study, I’ve come across numerous people who have quite a problem with tithing in the LDS Church. That seems natural. No one wants to give money away, at least not at a rate of 10% of their increase. I’ve also read of a few people who don’t like the modern day church of Jesus Christ’s interpretation of “tithing”. So be it. That’s fine. But I want to take a second a discuss two blessings that come from faithful paying tithes. These blessings are either under-discussed, under-analyzed, or under-appreciated. Just so we’re on the same page, take a moment and re-read Malachi 3:10.

Ok, here we go…

First of all, faithfully giving an honest tithe opens the “windows of heaven”.

What can Heavenly Father send through a window? Anything He wants. But it seems as though windows are associated with light coming into a home or an expended view of the bigger picture. Analyzed, I think the most important blessing to come through the windows of heaven is revelation (or “impressions” or “insight” or “spiritual nudges”, etc.). When we faithfully offer a tithe to the Lord, our ability to receive personal revelation–in many forms–increases.

Secondly, faithfully giving an honest tithe puts you in a position where you can receive a blessing that you don’t have room to receive, and therefore you are in a position to bless the lives of others more effectively and efficiently.

Here’s what I love. Almost all of us would like to be considered an instrument in the hands of the Lord more than we are. We would like to be utilized. Faithfully offering a tithe puts us in a position to receive blessings at a rate that overfills our cups, so to speak, and those extra blessings have to go somewhere. They have to spill over the sides of our cups and go somewhere. My guess is that they would flow to family, friends, neighbors, and strangers if we allow it.

Please notice that money has not been mentioned in this post. When we focus on associating a measurable financial blessing with being a tithe-payer, we put ourselves in a position to easily miss the more important and available blessings. Looking for the money may block our view of the blessings we have access to. Money may be part of the blessings sent through the windows of heaven at a rate that causes overflow, but looking for that blessing first could be detrimental to us being able to “count our many blessings”…

When all is said and done, our family feels like we’ve received heavenly assistance as we’ve tried to cheerfully, faithfully, consistently pay an honest and full tithe.

Be Encouraging…



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