What I’m Reading (and How I’m Getting it) When I’m Not Reading the Scriptures…

pocketIt is going to sound more impressive than it is (especially once I’ve explained the caveats) but I haven’t missed a day of scripture study since at least July 1991. Probably a bit earlier than that. I’m not that smart, nor am I known for being overly committed to anything. And there have been numerous nights where I just read one or two verses to keep my streak alive. This record isn’t much, but it’s mine.

I suppose people joke that an institute/seminary teacher spends all day reading the scriptures and listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Not so. And I don’t just supplement my scriptures study with the Ensign, either (though, I do like the Ensign)…

Just in case it ends up being interesting, here’s what I’m reading and how I’m getting it.

Currently I’m spending more of my non-scripture-reading time on the iPad as opposed to hardbound books. I still have a book by my bedside (The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration, by Isabel Wilkerson) and I will probably always be in the middle of something. But I’m finding a lot of great articles (some long and some short) online following the pattern described here:

1. I find great articles from all over the place on Twitter, especially @PocketHits. @PocketHits keeps track of what have been the #mostsaved articles to the Pocket app.

2. I don’t read the articles I find right then (most of the time). I send them to the Pocket app, which I have an account for and have downloaded on the iPad.

3. When I have time (between projects or before bed or after church or waiting for a sporting event to start) I relax and read the articles.

4. Anything worth keeping, whether they be quotes or entire articles, gets saved to Evernote.

evernoteWhat I’m liking about this method is that I get to read widely and often. I have articles that take a few minutes to read, but I also have article that are considered long-reads that may take a considerable amount of time to get through.

It looks like I currently have articles from the New York Times, The Atlantic, TED blog, GQ, Priceonomics, Art of Manliness, Vogue, PewResearch.org and a few others. The list changes weekly. Some of the subjects? Krakatoa, Jon Ivy, Meditation, social media and the news, physical fitness history, a lightbulb that has been burning for 113 years, apps that TED staffers use, self control, aging to 100, Bill Gates, walking and thinking, stress, a being a hermit, among others…

I do also download talks from BYU Speeches and other LDS sites and blogs, but I think I have a good balance of reading ahead of me at any given time…

Be Encouraging…



2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading (and How I’m Getting it) When I’m Not Reading the Scriptures…

    1. BJM Post author

      I’ve started using Evernote but I’ve kept what I did in google drive there. I may use both. Still figuring that out.


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