How to Know if You Are Really a Christian…

samaritanThere are certainly all kinds of sites out there trying to answer the question: Are Mormons Christians? and the answers cover the spectrum.

I’ll answer, as a Mormon: Yes. Of course.

But this post isn’t about certain religions being Christians as much as it is about Christians being Christians. I’m really asking, What makes a person a true disciple of Jesus Christ?

Here is at least one sign. Maybe the sign. This is how you know if you’re really following Christ:

“Years ago I attended a fireside at which a General Authority asked the audience how to tell if someone is a true follower of Jesus Christ. The chapel full of adults responded with a chalkboard full of answers, none of which was the one he was looking for. Finally he wiped the board clean and said something I’ve never forgotten: ‘Observation and personal experience have taught me that the way you can tell if someone is truly converted to Jesus Christ is by how that person treats others’.”

(Sheri Dew, If Life Were Easy, it Wouldn’t Be Hard, 31)

Think about how often the scriptures discuss our relationships with others. Our baptismal covenant rests in part on our interactions with others (Mosiah 18:8-10). Mourning with those who mourn. Comforting others. Jesus taught us about our interactions with the naked, hungry, and imprisoned (Matthew 25).

I know we spend a lot of time trying to be “good children”, but I believe I need to spend more time worrying about and helping God’s children. I mean, that is what He has asked for…right?

Be Encouraging…



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