The New “Happiest Place on Earth”…

homeShort and wonderful experience:

Our youngest daughter and I were driving home from her play practice. She is a “rosebud” in the school play, Alice in Wonderland, so the practices are grueling.

As we neared our house, the local radio station was announcing their most recent contest to give away a week-long vacation to Disneyland. The announcer asked the caller, “Have you ever been to Disneyland?” and the caller replied, “It has been awhile.” Then the announcer said, “Everyone should have a chance to go to the ‘happiest place on earth’!”

I asked my eight-year-old daughter, “Do you know what they mean by ‘the happiest place on earth’?” thinking we’d talk about how much she wants to go to Disneyland.

She answered, “Home?”

I couldn’t be a more content father. With all of the discord, bullying, infidelity, struggle, arguing, and discontent in the world, I sure hope we are doing what is required to create a home where peace is the overruling feeling…that blessing is needed more than ever.

Be Encouraging…



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