“Lose Ten Pounds With No Effort At All!” (and other silly ideas…)

weight lossI was on Pinterest a few days ago and something caught my eye (go ahead, follow me, at your own risk). Someone had pinned a website that claimed you could lose a bunch of body fat without doing anything. You didn’t have to change anything. You didn’t have to alter your eating or exercise patterns. Somehow, visiting the website would cause you to magically lose a bunch of fat and have those washboard abs you’ve seen airbrushed onto magazine covers.

I wasn’t even tempted. It isn’t that I couldn’t stand to be a bit more healthy. It isn’t that I already have some plan I’m working on. It isn’t that I’m disinterested (well, honestly, I’m pretty disinterested). The real problem?

I don’t want it if it is free…

Haven’t you been around long enough at this point to realize that if it is free, there is probably a price being paid that you’re not counting on? I mean, do you really want to get healthy with no effort (Yes, I know some of you do, but hear me out!)? I consistently read about people saying something along the lines of “I feel so proud of myself! I never thought I could do it, but here I am, healthier than ever!” People seem to like to work at something hard until they’ve eventually conquered it. People seem to understand, at the sub-atomic level, the value of work. And not just with washboard abs…

Parenting is work. It is hard. It may be fun at times and enjoyable, too, but good parenting takes a lot of effort.

Marriage is work. I love marriage, and it doesn’t seem like work, but the best marriages seem to be the product of a lot of effort.

Receiving personal revelation is work. Sometimes we get the idea that a few people just luck out and seem to “be spiritual”, but that isn’t true at all. Spiritual people tend to work hard at doing what is right. Revelation comes after we’ve studied things out in our minds, and rarely before.

Repentance is work. Overcoming sin is hard. Controlling the “natural man” is, well, not that natural for most people. Surely the grace of Christ assists us in our efforts, but yielding to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, putting off the natural man, and becoming childlike is work.

The list could go on…

Being kind is work. Being soft spoken is a challenge. Being honest isn’t always easy. Controlling our language takes some effort. But there is part of me that wouldn’t have it any other way. Part of the journey of losing weight is the camaraderie at the gym, feeling some relief after stepping on a scale, comparing green smoothie recipes with pals, and changing out of sweaty clothes. Sore muscles are part of it. Gym shoes are part of it. Losing ten pounds is only part of the journey, but we’d be missing out on something incredible if it was the only part…

Be Encouraging…



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