Why Church Made Me Sick This Week…

Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte

Yes, I was sick with nervousness this Sunday. Why, you ask? Because I was singing a duet in sacrament meeting. That is enough to make me nervous, but I was also singing the first part of the song myself, which makes me a soloist. My son accompanied us on the piano (he did a great job) and we sang three verses of a primary hymn, right there at the podium with a microphone, with everyone staring at us.

If you’ve sat by me in church you’ll know that I’m not the guy they typically ask to sing solos. I mean, I can sing just fine, but I shouldn’t do it alone and in front of a microphone. I don’t always hit the correct notes. I don’t even sing the correct verses. I once sang part of one of our hymns while looking at the wrong hymn (and singing the wrong words, obviously). I didn’t sing nearly as well as the guy who was singing with me during the duet.

So, why did I sing a duet and a little bit of a solo this Sunday? Because I was asked to. And here are a few things I know about callings/assignments/opportunities to serve in The Church the Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:

  1. We’re not called to perform the work as well as anyone else. We don’t have to be as good as the last person who held our calling.
  2. We’re not usually called because we’re the best at whatever we’re called to do.
  3. Sure, sometimes part of why we’re called is because of a specific skill set we have or are developing. That doesn’t remove the inspiration behind the call.
  4. We shouldn’t be too worried about how well someone else does their calling in the church.
  5. We’ll often be asked to do things we’re not very good at.
  6. If we were only called to do things in the church that we were naturally good at, many of us wouldn’t get very many chances to serve at all!
  7. We should try to get better at our callings. I’m going to try to be a better singer, just in case the unthinkable happens and I am asked again (this week’s performance will probably solve that problem, but I’d better be prepared anyway).
  8. Some callings/assignments are going to be frustrating and we’re not going to get noticeably better.
  9. Most of the callings we do will not be done to perfection or even that well. I guess I can’t speak for the rest of you, but this is true for me (and I’ve held a pretty decent number of callings).

So, then, what’s the point of even having callings? Well, for me, I work hard at my callings simply because a.) I love the Savior, b.) I like serving in the kingdom of God, and c.) I promised I would when I got baptized, received the priesthood, and entered the temple. I really think that one of the most unique parts of life as a Mormon is the endless opportunities we all get to serve in so many different capacities. I know of no other church where most members of the congregation have “job” to do during church and/or during the week. I love it. Sometimes it makes me nervous enough to want to throw up, but I love it…

Be Encouraging…



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