The Single Best Thing I Know About Marriage…

richard-g-scott-largeOver the last two weeks there have been a number of articles written about marriage that have been shared all over the web. Most of them are great, though they don’t quite agree with each other. You’ll find the most “viral” article here. I’ve read a few of them and agree with most of what is written. But one idea from a podcast has trumped almost everything I’ve read.

At least a year ago, I was listening to the Conversations program (a great podcast/program) on the Mormon Channel. In this particular episode, Sheri Dew was interviewing Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the LDS faith, and his daughter, Linda Mickle. You’ll find the entire interview here. At one point in the interview, Sheri Dew asked Elder Scott about his wife and their relationship. He graciously answers a number of questions, and then added an idea that has caused me to ponder a lot since then. I’ll explain.

I confess that I don’t know all of the ramifications of the marriage/sealing covenant of the temple. I know marriages and families can last into the eternities. I know that is a gift from God. What I don’t understand, yet, are all of the details of that blessing.

Elder Scott’s wife, Jeanene, passed away in 1995. He speaks of her often in General Conference and has shared some very touching stories and thoughts regarding her and their marriage. During the interview with Sheri Dew, Elder Scott shared this idea about his marriage that I have never heard before or after. What I heard about marriage at first kind of shocked me, then inspired me. I’ve been inspired ever since. Now, I’m being careful here to explain that the following quote is not official LDS doctrine, is only Elder Scott’s thoughts, and is transcribed from the audio interview by me (so there may be mistakes, though I tried to be careful). With all of that said, here you go:

I don’t believe that the temple ordinance guarantees that we’ll be together forever. There will be a time, before that sealing of the Holy Spirit of Promise makes it eternal, where we’ll be in the presence of the Savior, as individuals, and there will be a choice whether we continue with the sealing or not, and I want to do everything in my power to qualify, so that she’ll choose for that sealing to be eternal.” (Conversations, Episode 6, 71:06, punctuation and emphasis added by me)

Now, whether this is absolute truth or not, I don’t know…and I’ll probably have to wait and see. But I love the idea of trying to live life in a way that makes my sweetheart want to be married to me after we both pass away. Elder Scott is still trying to live in a way that invites that opportunity even though his wife is on the other side of the veil.

Here’s the real inspiration for me. Rather than wait for my wife to pass away to try to live so that she wants to continue being married to me, why not live that way now, with her right here, next to me? She shouldn’t have to wait until she’s on the other side of the veil to see a me be the husband that she wants to be with. She should see me being that person now. I’m thankful for Elder Scott’s insights and feelings, and plan on letting those ideas bless my marriage now.

Be Encouraging…


These views are personal, and are not the official views of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...

3 thoughts on “The Single Best Thing I Know About Marriage…

  1. Eric Marble

    I totally agree with you on this! An eternal marriage is not made in the temple. The covenant is made there, but the fulfillment of the covenant is made by the way we live once we have left the temple. My wife and I have discussed the fact that in order for us to have a Celestial Marriage in the eternities we have to strive to live that way now. Great post!!

  2. Heather Norman

    I’ve been very curious and wanting learn more about the Holy Spirit of Promise recently, and have spoken with a few Priesthood leaders to try to learn more. I’d never heard this quote from Elder Scott, but I really like it, and it helped me understand better the things my leaders tried to explain to me about the Holy Spirit of Promise. Thanks Brother Mickelson!


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