I Shared My Testimony With My Family Tonight…

soulAs is our tradition, we held Family Home Evening tonight. It was a lot like most of the others we’ve held each week over the years. We sang a hymn together, prayed together, spent a few moments in the scriptures together, and had a gospel-centered lesson as a family. We usually have a treat (mandatory) and a fun activity, but we had those yesterday because we thought we’d be a little short on time tonight (which, of course, we were).

I taught the short lesson. I showed a video entitled “My Soul Hungered”, which depicts a young man who finally goes through the effort of studying, pondering, and praying for an answer regarding the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After much “wrestling” and effort, the answer comes. Here is the video:

This depiction parallel’s the story of Enos, a Book of Mormon prophet, who has to travel the same road. He’s been taught by his father, but really desires to know for himself. You’ll find his description of his efforts and the answer in Enos 1:1-5.

When we were done, I took some time to clearly, simply describe my personal efforts to receive a spiritual witness that God is my Father, that Jesus is my Savior, that Joseph Smith was the first of many prophets called in the latter days, and that revelation from God continues today, as it has for millennia.

I wanted my children to remember that their father didn’t just try to live the gospel (though nothing outranks that), didn’t just try to serve in the church and community, and didn’t just try to perform personal acts of worship. I wanted them to hear me declare my witness, borne of the Holy Ghost, of what simple things I knew — I know — to be true. I wanted them to hear from my own lips. I don’t want them to guess, or presume, or deduce that I know. I want to tell them in a straightforward way, so I did.

I love Family Home Evenings.

Be Encouraging…


These views are personal, and are not the official views of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...

5 thoughts on “I Shared My Testimony With My Family Tonight…

  1. Heidi

    I love reading your thoughts and experiences, they strengthen my testimony every time you share, thank you for taking the time to do it 🙂

  2. Emily Shepherd

    As a daughter who has been “guessing, deducing, presuming” her whole life, I can attest to the importance of this. If family members were more comfortable sharing their testimonies, children would be more comfortable having a testimony.


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