General Conference and How Things Really Work (for Me)…


Take a second and skim Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest…There is no end to the quoting and memes from the October 2013 General Conference. I love it. I know not every Mormon is interested in conference, and many that are interested don’t have the option of listening/watching this weekend. But it seems like the church membership virtually gathered together this weekend. There has been a lot of celebrating what is best about the LDS religion, and, of course, a lot of misquoting, deliberate misunderstanding, and complaining about what some don’t like or accept within the teachings of the church. That’s normal, too, and I don’t mind.

For me, this weekend holds the least amount of inspiration (*gasp*)…

Don’t get me wrong…I love conference weekend. And over the years I can look back and recall moments of singular inspiration that occurred right in the middle of a conference talk (cue Elder Holland’s talk titled, “An High Priest of Good Things to Come”). But the real personal and family revelation will come over the next six months, very slowly, talk by talk… Here is what I have to expect:

  1. Over the next week or so, I’ll begin slowly reading each talk. I’ll study about three or four talks a week, at night, on my iPad. As I slowly study, I’ll start to notice a line or two from each talk settling in on my heart. I’ll think about those lines and ideas during the day and will make some determinations about what God wants me to work on.
  2. We’ll study some of the talks as a family during our regular Family Home Evenings. Together we’ll set some goals based on what we learned during those moments together.
  3. I hate running in the summer, but enjoy (well, I kind of enjoy) running in the fall/winter when it is cold and rainy. I’ll listen to all of Conference during these runs, one talk at a time. Listening to the talks will help me hear things that I didn’t notice when I was reading. I’ll have a few more things to work on.
  4. As I work on lessons for seminary and thoughts for church meetings, I’ll come across applicable ideas from Conference yet again. Teaching from Conference or using the ideas of the speakers in lessons will help me see things in a whole new light. More work to be done.
  5. Lastly, the Church will produce a few Mormon Messages based on stories or teachings from Conference. Once again, nuanced points will be highlighted in my mind as I watch these and use them in the home and classroom. I’ll have more to think about and more to work on.

And so it goes. I do love Conference weekend, and love listening to the words of some of our church leaders, but most of the impressions I get will come over time, “line upon line” (2 Nephi 28:30). In fact, that way, Conference kind of last six months… 🙂

Be encouraging,


These views are personal, and are not the official views of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...

2 thoughts on “General Conference and How Things Really Work (for Me)…

  1. Eric Marble

    Maybe that is why I have trouble staying awake while watching conference. Totally agree with you about making conference last for 6 months.


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