Changes in the LDS Church…

Dnews new LDS first presidency

When President Monson gives his “Welcome to Conference” talk on the Saturday morning of General Conference, I get ready, pen in hand (or keyboard…). Ever since President Hinckley, I’ve become an “announcement junkie”. He seemed to announce something new(ish) every six months. I’m to the point where I almost expect some announcement about a policy change or a new temple or something along those lines. I know it isn’t realistic to expect that twice a year. That’s fine.

There wasn’t any announcement like that today, thus far. I’ve only heard three talks, so conference is hardly over. So, there may be some kind of announcement later in the day or tomorrow. Of course, there may not be any new changes. Either way is fine, I’m just a bit surprised, not let down.

All of the changes over the years actually seem like a weakness of the LDS church to some. Some think that changes in the church prove that it is just adapting to the current circumstances or following global trends.

I believe that change in the church is proof of being a “living” church.

When Noah received the revelation to build a boat, I’m guessing many said, “He’s just building a boat because of all of the rain!” Well, I for one, appreciate God’s counsel to Noah to start building. If you think the commandment to build an ark was obvious, there would have been more arks…

Build temples. The Word of Wisdom. Move West. Colonize cities. Establish a Perpetual Emigration Fund. Gather in your stakes. Family Home Evenings. Priesthood to all men. Ward budgets from headquarters. Sunday block schedule. Equalized costs for full-time missionary service. More missions. More missions. More missions. Smaller and more numerous temples, A change in missionary ages. More missionaries. More missionaries. More missionaries. Facebook and iPads for full time missionaries. New curriculum for the youth. Members and missionaries working together online. Proof that the church is just another entity trying to adapt to a new reality? Not for me. I see a “true and living church” where revelation from God is very tied to current circumstances, and I’m more than OK with that.

Be encouraging…


These views are personal, and are not the official views of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...

One thought on “Changes in the LDS Church…

  1. Emily Shepherd

    There are many different symbols that represent one thing. Different generations understand life using different metaphors and cliches, so it makes sense for the actions that symbolize our devotion to Christ to change depending on what we can understand and strive for. That said, there’s always room for tradition.


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