New Kitten…

I don’t know if we’re unlucky with cats or what the deal is…We received a kitten a few weeks ago that the kids loved, but it kind of ran away (we think). Then a nice family gave us a kitten that was a little older and it had a hard time warming up to us. But then we thought we found our original kitten, so we gave the second cat back in preparation to get our first kitten back. Then the first kitten couldn’t be found when we went to get her. Kids = letdown. Then this little kitten was lost in a neighborhood close to ours and she found her way to our house. I don’t even like cats. I don’t like kittens. I mean, I kind of like this one, but…

Will and Kitty 2013

DSC_0005 (1)


I think that if we lose this one, there are going to be some tears…


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