My Dream Photoshoot…

You know, if I had my way, most of my photoshoots would be like three shots long. I’d take an individual out somewhere, let them be themselves, shoot two minute’s worth of shots, and then edit one or two of the images. I think I’d charge $15. It would hardly be worth my time, and would only yield a picture or two, but I think I’d love those pictures…

This is exactly what I did with little Will tonight. No clothing changes, no hair styling…no shoes, even…

William Dinosaur bw (WEB)

William Dinosaur 339

I don’t usually get my way…and that’s fine. I do love “complete” sessions, as well. Eight, nine, fifteen, twenty images. But there is something relaxing about focusing in on one image and knowing that this is the one I’m going to end up with, like it or not.

And, usually, I like it…


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