Janese vs. Brian, Round II

You know when you’re having a conversation with someone, and they make a point, and then you say something else but they like what you were talking about (and especially what they said about it) so they say, “Like I was saying…” and then they just say the same thing over again, but a little different?

That’s what I’m about to do.

You recall this, right?

If not, then I suppose you ought to go here and read my formal complaint.

I was going through the rest of the pictures from our trip and found another flipping example of what others look like when I take a picture of them versus what I look like when someone takes a picture of me.

Here’s Janese, preparing to go on some big ladder, rope-walk-thing.

Of course, she looks great and happy and did the right pose when I said, “Hey J, smile!”

So my son grabbed the camera and said nearly the same thing to me. And this is what I got…

What is great about this is that WordPress asks you, “Do you want to edit this picture?” before you post it. Hey WordPress. It is edited. This is what I look like. Mind your own business and post the picture like I asked you to. When someone tells me to smile, I start to feel pain in my face and then I express it. There’s nothing I can do about it. This is just my face.

For some reason, when you tell Janese to smile and when you tell me to smile you get totally different results. Maybe it runs in the family:


8 thoughts on “Janese vs. Brian, Round II

  1. Cindy Shipley

    I love these posts about the photography problem. We have the same problem around here. If I want decent photos of a family gathering I hand the camera to my son, John. He has a decent understanding of how to get a good picture and he manages to circulate and catch everybody who will let him take their picture. Problem is, at some point I have to stop worrying about the food and make sure John gets in the pictures. While I’m pretty good at doing food, my photos stink. And so, while there are a million photos with John in them (digital, don’t have to pay for printing, so I figure if I shoot enough photos one of them is bound to be good), none is very good. Poor John. But at least we have a record that he was at the party, unlike his brother, who refuses to be in the photos. Someday, everybody will think that son died many years ago because his last photo was when he was in High School.


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