Janese vs. Brian…

I really do love being the photographer in the family. I get to make sure our family has nice pictures. I get to record the memories. I get to make sure everyone looks good. Which brings us to the one problem that comes with being the family photographer…

Someone has to shoot images of me.

I’ve been around long enough at this point to realize that there will always be someone in the room who is better looking than me. I get it. I’m no model. I’m fine with that. But I’m hoping to get just a couple flattering shots of myself on any given vacation. Even just one would be great. I’m about to sound like some photographer-elitest, I know. The problem lies in the fact that no matter how much editing I do on an image of myself, the camera is just complicated enough that if I hand it to someone else, the image may not beĀ salvageable. This isn’t their fault. It is the camera’s fault. Here is a case-in-point…

We were recently up at the Heber Valley Camp (which was awwwwwesome) and were having fun on a rope-swing thingy. Of course, I pulled the camera out and got some really fun pictures of the kids and Janese. One picture of Janese, in particular, looks great. Her smile is beautiful. It’s just kind of a flattering picture (as flattering as it gets when you’re in a harness and a helmet, I suppose). Here it is, all edited and beautiful:

She looks great (as always). I’m not saying she looks good because I’m the photographer. It’s just that, while she always looks beautiful, I also happened to capture all her beautiful-ness.

Well, the time finally came when I was able to jump into the harness and helmet for my chance to swing. I was pumped because it looked so fun, and I was hoping someone could get a nice shot of me having fun. So, I handed the camera to Janese, who will be the first to admit she doesn’t exactly know how to use it.

She nailed it…

This may well be on next month’s cover of Men’s Health magazine…

It is edited.


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