Before and After: Jensen Children

Toward the end of a recent shoot, the Jensen kids wanted to do a shot of them holding hands and walking away from the camera. The only problem was that it was geting just a bit dark, as you can see from the “before” shot. Luckily, Aperture helped me edit this picture back to looking good…I was looking for a lot of contrast, a lot more warmth, and a bit of desaturation with using the “saturation” slider…Here we go…

So here is the original. Obviously too dark. The white balance was off. There was little contrast. Into Aperture I go…

I’m checking back in the Adjustments panel to see what I did. Apparently I adjusted:

Temp (adjusted up to 7267 K)

Tint  (adjusted toward red a bit)

Exposure (doubled the exposure to 2.0)

Black Point (darkened)

Brightness (up to .17)

Contrast (up to .11)

Vibrancy (down to -.2)

Added a slight vignette

I think these are all of the adjustments. Here is the “after”:

I am really appreciating all of the things that Aperture allows me to do. I used to use Adobe Elements. Then I used Photoshop CS2 for long time. But ever since I dropped 79 bones for Aperture I’ve been really happy.


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