Harvesting Peas…

I was preparing to do a second light fertilizing by our 8″ corn when I noticed a few pea pods that looked large enough to harvest. Upon further inspection, I realized that there were more than a few pods large enough to eat. So, for Family Home Evening, our entire family “toiled” in the garden. The kids loved it. I loved it. I loved watching the kids love it. They worked together and laughed a lot and “ooh’d” and “aww’d” at the amount of peas we were getting (and we still have 4/5 of our peas to go!). Each one of the children talked about wanting to have a garden in their yards when they hit adulthood. We worked for about an hour or so and had bowl after bowl filled to the top with peas (not counting the endless amount we ate). At our old home, we only had room for a 4’x8′ garden box for peas, so having 130′ of peas is something we’re not used to. We love it. What a great night!

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