What I Wish Could Happen During a Photoshoot…

More than anything, I love shooting images of my own family members. But, of course, I really enjoy shooting images of other people and their families. The thing is, I’m always more relaxed when I’m shooting my own children for all kinds of reasons, but let me explain in a little detail:

1. When shooting my own children, I don’t spend hours during the shoot. Minutes. Maybe 15, but often more like 5.

2. We don’t go buy a new outfit for each shoot. In fact, in the image below, the girls are wearing pj’s and sweaters. You just can’t really see it.

3. I often provide little props for the shoot. No one would notice them, but I do, and I think it adds just a little interest and texture. The blanket, in the image below…

4. Since I don’t charge myself, I do shoots often, not being worried if each shoot is perfect or nets 50 great images. I’m usually just trying to get one or two great images.

5. We don’t spend a lot of time getting ready or trying to look like we are perfect. I didn’t comb/brush the girls’ hair for this shoot. They just woke up.

I get that it isn’t realistic, but I wish that each shoot I did went like this. Families not getting “too ready” or spending a bunch of money on new outfits or haircuts. In fact, the best shoots are so relaxed that it looks like I just happened upon a family or a child playing, and took a few good shots while they weren’t paying attention…


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