Dear Summer…

…jeesh. Thanks for finally showing up.

The children invited a few friends over for a water fight in g’ma and g’pa’s backyard and I had a few minutes to grab the camera and catch a few shots.

Obviously these kids partied like it was 1999…

This next one is a bit weird. Black and white, obviously. This is what I think this backyard will look like after a nuclear bomb sweeps over the land and there are no humans left…or something like that…

A little photo info:

When I noticed the children out there having a good time, I knew I needed to grab the camera. Rather than complicate things with poses and multiple lenses, I decided to just use the 20mm 2.8f lens, backlight almost everything, and spend almost no time editing. I really like when I can shoot this way. Rather than let the settings and tools get in the way, I can just shoot what I want, delete what I want, and be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

On editing, I really only touched contrast, a slight vignette, and some sharpening for the web…


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