A Bit More Natural…

I’ve taken a little time off from photography. We’ve had a lot going on with moving out of our home and trying to find another home or lot to build on. Stressful. And I’m not too creative when I’m drowning in stress.

Yesterday the children were out in their grandparents’ backyard. The sky was nice and overcast with very little wind. All of the sudden I felt like doing a bit of photography again. I grabbed Madelyn and we took about 5 shots out in the gate between my father in law’s yard and the field that has a few goats in it.

I love that the shots turned out so natural. Taking some time off from shooting has given me the chance to think about the type of photography I am drawn to. I like natural photography. Heavy on the actual shooting and light on the photoshop. I just don’t love a heavily manipulated image. Maybe it is because photoshop isn’t my strength. But I love a good, natural real life image. Nothing against other images. I just like what I like. I’ll post one now and a few others as time moves along this week.


2 thoughts on “A Bit More Natural…

    1. Grandma Ruth

      I just want to hug Madelyn and take a long walk with her. No one can help but smile when they look at her. Such an adorable little lady in an adorable little dress. Hope your shoot was a little stress buster for you. lv


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