Newspaper Article: “Introduction”

I write for the local paper once a month. It’s fun. I like it. I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, but if they’ll continue to take my articles, I’ll continue to write them…

I think I’ll post my articles here on the blog about a week or so after the paper prints them. I’ll also add some of the old articles. Here’s the first one that was printed:

I suppose that the best way to start this column off is to officially introduce myself.

I’m Brian.

I don’t really write for a living. Truthfully, I don’t really write at all unless you count my journal, periodic thank-you cards, emailing and text-messaging. As far as “for a living” stuff; I’m a husband, father, teacher, coach, sports announcer, photographer, used-to-be-pod-caster, TV-watcher, news-reader, worrier, laugher, and occasional napper (again…not really a word). Writer? Not so much…

Actually, I better qualify all of this. I guess I do write…a little. I author a blog. There is a website that I periodically update with (what was supposed to be) family happenings and a few children’s pictures. That has grown into a place where I keep people updated about my family and where I let off a little creative steam. I write about whatever I want. Someone, somewhere (the right person I suppose), read the blog, and now I have the chance to write similar things in this newspaper. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. You be the judge.

Here are a few subjects I’ve covered in the blog:

I’ve written about being convinced I could fly as a grade-schooler if I ran fast enough.

I’ve written about the worst fight scene in a movie that I’ve ever, ever seen.

I’ve written about falling down a flight of stairs and being wedged in between a car and the curb.

I’ve written about shaking hands like a girl (Nothing against girls. I’m just not one).

I’ve written about my near-death experience, the Wizard of Oz, my dilated eyes, and my children asking for penguins and elves for Christmas.

I can’t tell you exactly what to expect in this column over the next few months or years, but I’m looking forward to finding out with you.

Let me just end with this: “Caveat lector” (its Latin. Use You’ll get it).


2 thoughts on “Newspaper Article: “Introduction”

    1. mickelsonbj Post author

      Our local paper is “The Leader” (Tremonton/Garland Utah)….

      Pretty official…actually, not really. Just something fun I get to do because I was in the right place at the right time…



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