Bridals and Groomals…

Here are just a few from a group I’ve been working on recently. Enjoy…

This is a wonderful couple! Wedding day is coming!


7 thoughts on “Bridals and Groomals…

  1. shelli roholt

    Great pics!! I love the letters she is holding!! Was that their idea or yours? Either way really cute!! Love the first one where he is out of focus!!

  2. Jaci

    Love these! The first shot of her dress and his in the background is awesome!

    Do you change any of the settings on your
    “set picture controls”?
    I feel like my pics seem a little grey and I can’t figure out why. grrr! I have been leaving it on standard. I used vivid for bit and my peeps came out looking orange. yick!

    Your photos are clean and beautiful. I want lessons!

    1. mickelsonbj Post author

      Alright…I think I have mine on “vivid”, but maybe I don’t. At this point, my pics start just a bit grey and “gloomy” as far as I’m concerned. I will spend a second with each one of them in Adobe Camera RAW. I am to the point where I’m doing 90% of my editing in Adobe Camera RAW and it is only taking about 2 minutes per image (or less if the image is a lot like the last image, so I can use a lot of the same setting in ACR).

      So, I’m usually warming the image up (just a bit) then adding some contrast. I may adjust the contrast a bit more in Photoshop itself, but I think less it more.

      I really think that is it for most images…


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