Sappy Valentine’s Day Post…

I’m not going to make a list of all of the things I love about Janese today. Just one.

Whenever she leaves me at home and has to go somewhere, she kisses me goodbye and then gets in the van to drive off. And always…always…she calls within 20 seconds to tell me something she forgot to tell me before she left. It is usually something that isn’t that important like when to feed the children or what time someone has scouts or dance or something (I would have figured this stuff out myself, probably). But she almost always thinks of something she needs to tell me.

So, now when she drives off, I go find the phone and place it next to me on the couch and wait…

Love you, J! Happy Valentine’s Day…


2 thoughts on “Sappy Valentine’s Day Post…

  1. Michelle

    Brother Mick I loved reading this. I do the same thing to my husband except he leaves his phone on the shelf in our closet on vibrate so he can’t hear it then finally sees it and he has approximately 20 missed calls all from me 🙂


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