Guest Blogger: Valeri

Valeri and I have known each other for a long time and our mothers have been friends since before either one of us were even being thought about! Valeri has a great personality, a wonderful husband and family, and is a gifted photographer as well! Enjoy!

Name: Valeri

What do you do? Aside from being madly in love with my husband of nearly 8 years, I stay home with our two precious stinkers, attempt to keep my house tidy (and harmonious), and, when free time presents itself (HA!), play with the other love of my life: my camera.

website or blog address?  I am in the process of launching a website, but am still working out some glitches.

What is your current “creative outlet”? What creative things are you working on or thinking about? I absolutely positively love photography, and have for as long as I can remember.  When my son was born, I borrowed my friend’s Canon Rebel to do some newborn shots.  Not three clicks into the shoot, I knew I needed my own dSLR.  Finally, last March I purchased one.  While my initial intention in investing in a nice camera was to simply capture better photos of my children, that quickly changed.  People started asking me to photograph their children, and their families, and their dogs.  I did, and realized I loved it!

How has your view of your own creativity changed over time? Have you always considered yourself “the creative type”?Overall, sure!  But up until this last year, I think my creativity was somewhat sporadic because I wasn’t entirely sure where to focus it.  When I discovered that I could produce a beautiful photograph, I started committing my energy toward improving that skill.  I still enjoy and am passionate about other things, but my free time is dedicated to my photography.  There is so much to learn, and I still have miles to go.

When do you feel the most or least creative? What inspires you? What stifles your creativity? Sadly, my inspiration strikes late at night when the house is quiet and no one’s yanking at my leg.  This can make for some miserable early mornings, but if it means improving my skill, I’m willing to sacrifice some sleep here and there.  What inspires me?  To start, talented photographers who share my style and capture things the way I aspire to.  My children and children in general, who always present challenges and adventures (those make the greatest photos, I think).  And last but not least, my husband, who desires the things I desire.  His support and encouragement has contributed to my growth more than anything else has.


2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Valeri

  1. Ruth

    Your words describing Valeri are absolutely right on! Her big heart is allowing others to enjoy her creativeness. Her mother is gifted in the area of writing and her dad and brother are gifted musicians. Valeri is developing her own talents and passions during her very busy days. I feel blessed to know they are my friends and to know we’ve raised our children at the same time and to know you recognize their talents.

    1. Jill Halliday

      Thank you for this, Brian. What a joy to find it here! Thank you so much for mentoring Valeri in this special way…for recognizing and encouraging her gifts and talents…for the time you spend giving her pointers, sharing your own wonderful gifts and talents. She often speaks of you with gratitude about what she’s learned from you. You are a blessing in so many lives…and certainly in ours. Yes, I, too, am so grateful that your dear parents and my husband David and I raised our kids at the same time and so close in proximity. I have often felt that we are one big family :).
      Best to all of you…..with much love…..


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