A Different Look at Maddie

I was looking on another photographer’s website and got the idea for these 4×5 shots:

I don’t dare share the photographer’s name since you’d see these images and his images and wonder how I thought there was any relation…


8 thoughts on “A Different Look at Maddie

  1. Shelli

    Bishop_ those are great!!!! did you adjust the saturation? i am still having a hard time adj things right to get the sepia look to my photos, i may have to buy a new photoshop mine is giving me an error, any you care to recommend?

    1. mickelsonbj Post author

      Yes, the saturation was adjusted, along with a bit of a tonal adjustment.

      You might want to start by re-installing your photoshop. That may fix things. The newest Photoshop is about $600 (I think)…but it is good. There is also a program by Apple called “Aperture 3.0” which I am currently have on a trial basis (I like it a lot so far)…It is easy to use.

    2. Chantal Stanford

      Sepia can be done quite easily in photoshop but adding a hue/saturation layer/adjustment ontop of your photos with the hue at 25 and saturation approximately 35.

      Perhaps those numbers are reversed. But give that a try. Normally works a charm.

  2. Chantal Stanford

    A beautiful little girl. very adorable

    However not sure with her sandwiched between 2 car bumpers. With a slightly less cluttered background, the focus on the girl would be natural instead of slightly forced with the desaturation of the background.


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