I Need to Remind Myself All the Time…

I don’t think I’ve taken a picture in weeks. Weeks.

I keep waiting for the right light, temperature, clothing, and timing. But today as I walked past little Mads eating her lunch, sitting at a messy table, with tousled, unkempt hair and bright backlighting, I thought to myself, “This moment isn’t happening again at anytime soon…”

Before I know it she’ll be at college or married or on a mission or in the circus. And she won’t be eating mac-n-cheese at my table anymore…

I’m glad I grabbed the camera…

WordPress seems to be a bit funny about colors in photography. In my Photoshop screen, these images are a bit “warmer” and saturated. But I don’t care. I like these. I spent some of this morning perusing Nick Onken’s website. His work is beautiful. I could spend all day studying his images and vision. His “lifestyle” photography inspires me endlessly. So, in the spirit of growth, I’m going to try to shoot under less-than-perfect conditions and shoot more “lifestyle” images.


2 thoughts on “I Need to Remind Myself All the Time…

  1. Ruth

    What do you mean “unkempt hair”? She looks like she’s ready to do a photo shoot for Pottery Barn Kids! Can hardly wait to squeeze her in person..


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