Guest Blogger: Scot Irwin

Today’s Guest Blogger is Scot Irwin. I can’t think of anyone I’ve spent more time with discussing creativity, balance, and “producing”. Hope you enjoy Scot’s thoughts…

Name: J. Scot Irwin a.k.a. “Blue Chip”

What do you do? Instructor of Religion at the Logan Institute and Fast Forward Seminary

What is your current “creative outlet”? What creative things are you working on or thinking about?

I find my most creative enjoyment in the classroom, more specifically in the telling of a story. Unfortunately I have never been burdened by the need for factual accuracy but feel as though the point or principle being discussed is worth whatever creative license is necessary to make the story worth telling.

More recently I am also feeling drawn to a need to express myself artistically, something I enjoyed as a young person and had some aptitude for. We’ll see how that plays itself out…

How has your view of your own creativity changed over time? Have you always considered yourself “the creative type”?

I think that I feed off of the creativity of others. I’ve never felt dynamically creative at a personal level, but enjoy “riffing” off of others creative insights and then “making them my own”. Some of my most gratifying educational moments have been when I have been involved with other creative types that inspired me to extend myself.

When do you feel the most or least creative? What inspires you? What stifles your creativity?

Interestingly, I feel most creative when “the pressure is on”. When I’m experiencing down time I have a tendency to go to my “nothing box”. It’s when I need to deliver that the creative juices kick in. The one exception to this rule would be when I ride the hog. There’s nothing like the wind in your face on a winding road to scream, “think outside the box”, and I do.

The one thing that has a tendency to stifle my creativity is when I find myself surrounded by negativity, specifically negative people. I find myself thinking, “I don’t have time for this, you take too much energy to interact with”. I’m just old enough now that I’m somewhat intolerant of constant negativity.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Finally so as not to end negatively, I am inspired by the goodness of so many people. People who really do care, who want to make a positive difference, and who make you a better you. So, if you have been one of those people in my life, and there are many…thank you.


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