Apple iPad…

I’m in love. Don’t tell my wife.


The Apple iPad. $499. No contract required…

I’m going to think of a bunch of stuff that I could do with this, then try to convince myself that I need it. Then convince Janese that we need it. Then I’ll start saving up…


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad…

  1. Ruth

    Was just reading about it and knew you’d be on board with it. Very interesting concept but do we all need to wait for the next batch to come out to have all the bugs worked out? Get one for Janese too. 🙂

  2. christy

    I’m a skeptic… how could I take that to the beach or camping without it getting ruined (sand, water, dirt, etc.) I don’t think anything beats a paper book… but I was also skeptical of digital cameras in the very beginning. I was loyal to my film and the darkroom. Maybe in 5 years I will finally come around… and by then the price will be down to a hundred bucks!


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