Sleeping Disorders…I think…

While doing “research” on my last post about Will sleep-sitting, I found the following questions that had been posted on Yahoo-Answers!’s website. Interesting questions, all of them.

“I scream, shout and swear in my sleep. How do I stop?”

“How can I stop drooling in my sleep?”

“Why do I cry sometimes in my sleep? Is this a sign of depression?”

“I wake up screaming sometimes. That isn’t the worst part. I am screaming because I am so angry with myself. Because I pee in my sleep. What should I do? Should I purchase some kind of drop cloth? Should I sleep in the bath tub?”

“Why to I vomit in my sleep?”

Wow. I was worried because sometimes I wake up at 5:30 AM instead of my usual 6:00 AM, and figured I had a sleeping disorder. Just knowing that someone out there is vomiting or screaming out obscenities while weeping in their sleep and waking up covered in gallons of drool makes me feel a bit better.


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