Guest Blogger: Mindy

Today’s guest blogger is actually my sister-in-law…Mindy is wonderfully creative and is always working on something musical or artistic. She has always been a very good writer. You can find a bit of her writing on her blog (see below)…

Name: Mindy (But mostly people call me “Mindy the Great”).

What do you do? I believe the title is “homemaker”, but at this I feel that I’m mediocre at best. I supplement my garnished Mom wages by teaching a few piano lessons here and there (okay, I have 23 students).

website or blog address?

What is your current “creative outlet”? What creative things are you working on or thinking about?

Being a SAHM give you ample venues for creativity. From cooking to decorating you have carte blanche. For me, blogging has been fun, but I enjoy writing. For others, building a birdhouse would be a better gig. I think this spring I’m going to tackle a garden. I’ll keep you posted.

How has your view of your own creativity changed over time? Have you always considered yourself “the creative type”?

I’ve always known I love to write – like from the 3rd grade. Music has also had a huge impact on my life. Whether it’s chopsticks or Nocturne in E flat, music can change the mood of a home, a person, a moment.

When do you feel the most or least creative? What inspires you? What stifles your creativity?

I’m the most creative in the car. It seems that when I’m alone and driving 70+ miles an hour, it seems it’s at this point I have that epiphany and really need a post-it and sharpie and never have it.

Usually people inspire me. I’ll think about something someone said or wrote (characters in a book count as people, right?) and it motivates me to move in a specific direction.

Anything else you’d like to add?

You never know what you’re going to be good at until you try it out. It’s okay to take violin lessons or art class in your 30’s. Go for it!


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