How to Build a Cabin

this image is from the blog "From the Ground Up" found on the NY Times website

Some months ago I happened upon this blog (entitled, “From the Ground Up” by Lou Ureneck)┬áin the NY Times detailing the building of a small cabin in the woods of western Maine. It is kind of a step-by-step look at how the cabin was erected. Not sure why, but I have loved following it.

I have no plans to build a cabin (or skill) but I found a ton of little “lessons” in the story of how the cabin came to be.

Take a look…


One thought on “How to Build a Cabin

  1. Jess Wilkinson

    You may know a very good friend of mine, Skyler Crouch. His family has doing something quite similar. Literally, as a family, they have been building a cabin! Keeping updated by pictures such as these, I have come to appreciate the capabilities of a cooperative family. It is truly amazing.

    If you wish to see more on it, you can view pictures through Skyler’s FB, or his father’s Blake Crouch.

    Great family. Great cabin.


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