Epic iTunes Fail…

No one gets buyers remorse like me. Not on big purchases. On iTunes purchases. Yes, the $1.29 ones. I’m lame. And I just went through the music on my iPhone and noticed that I have a number of songs I bought that I currently hate. I hear part of a song on the radio or on a movie, I love it, and then I immediatley run to my laptop and make a purchase. Then, the next morning, I hate it and end up skipping it every time it comes up during the day, forever.

Here is a list of the songs I own that I hate:

“Landslide” — Dixie Chicks. I hate their version and love all of the other versions. The Dixie Chicks are lame. Or were. I’m not even sure they still sing.

“Summertime” — DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Yea, I know. I loved this song in high school. Not anymore. I miss my flat-top and Reebok Pumps.

“Hero” — Enrique Iglesias. I can’t think of a song where the first line is whisper talk that I like. No one should talk in songs. I really, really wish iTunes would give my money back to me for this one. I’ve never even listened to it on my iPhone.

“Best of You” — Foo Fighters. I only like the first 8 seconds. I don’t like any of the rest. I paid $.99, so I figure iTunes owes me about $.91 back. The end of the song makes me cringe.

Both songs from The Fray that I downloaded. I seriously can’t hear any song from The Fray anymore. Played. Completely. I hope they never come out with another album. I’m not even going to type the two songs I downloaded because they are so lame. Something about “saving a life” and something about a cable car, I think.

“Belle” — Jack Johnson. I know. Everyone likes Jack Johnson. So do it. Except this one.

“Tatoo” — Jordin Sparks. I feel uncomfortable even sharing the fact that I downloaded this one.

“Just Go” — Lionel Richie & Akon. This is so typical. I heard it once, only the chorus. I hurried and Shazam‘d it (Shazam is one of the best apps on the iPhone…love it), bought it, and have been paying for it ever since.

“Home” — Michael Buble.

Ok, I totally have way worse songs on my iPhone, but I am just so sick of skipping these particular ones, but I don’t delete them because I paid for them. I should at least take them off of the song list that I put on the iPhone, but I can’t bring myself to do that. Instead, I’d rather just skip them.

I wish iTunes had a screen that popped up after you try to buy a song that says:

“Are you sure you want this song? Most people think it is stupid, and you’ll find yourself skipping this one over and over. Just saying. {ok} {cancel}”….


One thought on “Epic iTunes Fail…

  1. jonballphoto

    I got that Lionel Ritchie song too. Its weird. He says that he is going to help his wife with the household duties and “let me do everything for you, cause you deserve it.” Then he decides instead to just “go, drop everything and just go”. Like he was doing the dishes and he thought “this is crap. Lets just go”.

    Actually I enjoy the song just so I can laugh. I would like my 99 cents back though.


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