I’m not sure what we were expecting…

Janese and I were sitting quietly in bed a few mornings ago. It was peaceful, we were talking. It was nice. Then we heard the chatter from Will’s bedroom. So, of course, we retrieved him from his crib and he joined us. Then Ashley came upstairs and climbed into bed with us.

As were were all sitting there, Janese noticed that with the teeth Ashley has lost in the last few weeks, and the teeth Will has gained in the last few months, they were about even. I decided to get the camera (at Janese’s request, of course, since I wanted to just stay in the covers and pretend to sleep).

All we wanted was one of both Ashley and Will smiling so we could see the teeth (or lack thereof):

Then we decided they should be closer, but Will wouldn’t smile anymore:

So we tried to coax him into a smile, but all we got was this:

And this was the pattern for the rest of the photoshoot:

Is it a girl thing? A little girl thing? A child thing? Once she starts giggling, it’s over, as far as getting anything useful accomplished. So, we put the camera down and wrestled…

If you can’t beat ’em….


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