Guest Blogger: Crystal

I’ve known Crystal and her husband for about ten years now. She has always been a “do-er”, always accomplishing things and creating things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Crystal!

Name: Crystal

What do you do? I am a home – maker creater (creating with the spirit a home of love and nurturing)

website or blog address? (privite: email me at if interested)

What is your current “creative outlet”? What creative things are you working on or thinking about?

Currently I have felt an increase in creativity with developing ways to perserve memories. I have been working with and also to help compile masses of papers around my office that hold sacred lessons and life exeriences I want to treasure. I realized I need to do this when I wanted to reference an experience and couldn’t find it in the mess.

How has your view of your own creativity changed over time? Have you always considered yourself “the creative type”?

I have leared to simplify. I think this is in part due to having two children. I have learned a little can do a lot. I don’t think I have ever concidered myself to be creative, but I do like projects.

When do you feel the most or least creative? What inspires you? What stifles your creativity?

Quiet moments enhance my creativity. I get stuck with something and I walk away… as I think and ponder on a way to resolve it… I find that quiet moments develop ideas and thoughts to work out the problem. The things that stifle my creativity is deadlines… and rushing… busyness is also hard.

Anything else you’d like to add?

One thing I have thought alot about while thinking about this email, is the ability to create and Elder Uchtdorf’s talk in RS General meeting when he talked about the ability to create. Creativity creates joy. Heavenly Father wants us to know joy and creating is part of His eternal plan, such as creating worlds when we go to the next stage of existance. I pray my creativity will be in accordance to His will for me in my life and I can enjoy the joy He intends for me.


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