Christmas Excitement…

Janese hearts ChristmasThe children went to bed last night, totally excited for Christmas morning. They all slept in the same room and weren’t allowed to come upstairs until we gave the go ahead. They slept very soundly.

Janese didn’t. She was up until midnight preparing for and assisting Santa, and then she awoke at 4:3o this morning in eager anticipation.

By the time I rolled out of bed and we called the kids up, breakfast casserole was baking in the oven, the table was set, more presents were wrapped, and Janese was bouncing off of the walls in glee.

Most parents are thrilled when their children sleep in on Christmas morning. But, some parents jinx it by only sleeping four hours themselves!!!


One thought on “Christmas Excitement…

  1. Mom

    Just don’t know how Janese gets everything done and with such style and grace and looks so good while doing it. Loved spending time with the family today. Losing to Landon sent us home with a feeling of humility….. (We’re going to practice to prepare for the next challenge) Love, G & G Mick


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