Merry Christmas (Eve)!!!

Merry Christmas

Kids in the Snow!

Hope you all enjoy the Holidays!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas (Eve)!!!

  1. jonballphoto


    I haven’t seen you since 1993, or 1994. I forget. But I didn’t know that your were a photographer. I really like your work. It’s very fresh. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    Jon Ball

    1. mickelsonbj Post author

      Jon…I appreciate the compliment. I spent much of this morning and evening looking through your blog and site. I love your style, both candid and your portrait work. Beautiful. Very inspiring. I’m excited to add your blog to my rss feed to stay updated with your work.

      Moving back to Idaho? When does (or did) that take place? Are you opening a studio up there?

      1. jonballphoto

        Moved back to Idaho last Monday. It was an exciting adventure. I am opening a studio sometime next year. I just got done closing a big time portrait studio in SoCal. The economy forced its closure. It was super depressing and I am taking time off through March to mentally and emotionally recover from it. I am glad you like the photos. I enjoy taking them.

        Where do you live?

  2. mickelsonbj Post author

    Our family lives in N. Utah, just about on the border of Utah and Idaho. So, maybe we’re pretty close.

    Are you opening a studio in March? It looks as though your Idaho studio was quite successful before you went to CA. I’m sure that will be the case again, and I’m excited to watch it unfold.

    I actually teach seminary as my full time employment with as a small side hobby/business. I would love to be able to make a living with photography, but I’d hate to leave the Church Ed. System… So, I’ll have to settle for watching the pros from the sidelines.

    It looks like you’re close to Boise…? Have you been back to San Antonio at all? My younger brother served in the TSAM eight years after we left…


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