Here is what I love about this new planner…

For some reason, I love planners. Not that I’m that organized, or that I actually get that much done. But I love feeling organized. While serving a mission when I was 19, one of my favorite things was to plan out our day. We used a little one-page weekly planner that worked very well. But then I got my hands on a Franklin Day Planner. I moved from that to a Palm Pilot, and then to a Dell Axom something-or-other. Now I have the iPhone….

The iPhone has some great options. I use Appigo’s ToDo iPhone app and I love it. Loooove it. I have it with all of the time. It is easy to use. Simple. Well designed. Blah, blah…


But, if I was at my desk all day, I think I’d be interested in teuxdeux. And here’s why:

  • simple
  • minimalist design
  • no need for instructions
  • easy to adapt to almost anyone’s scheduling needs
  • an iPhone app will surely come soon
  • Free…

I love things that are designed simply and well. When I’m looking for iPhone apps, I’m always surprised at how the visual design of an app attracts me. There’s nothing like a solid, simple, strong design.


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