A Few Images from Lately…

Little "A"


"I" Family

"P" Boys


6 thoughts on “A Few Images from Lately…

  1. jscot

    we liked this picture so much we made a copy for the front room. (Unless that violates some copyright, then we hated it)

  2. Valeri

    Brian – your work never ceases to amaze. Love the rustic look/texture of the second shot and the open field in the third one. Your work is so vibrant and sharp, yet simple! I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but you truly have a gift. I was just telling Neil this last night, and now I’m going to tell you! I have looked at hundreds of photography websites over the months (kinda comes with being an aspiring photographer, ya know?), and I’ve seen some amazing work out there. -HOWEVER- you are as good if not better than all of them! From the bottom of my heart, I mean that!

    1. mickelsonbj Post author


      Thank you so much! I appreciate the compliment, especially coming from a fellow photographer! Hope you have a great New Year and a wonderful 2010. Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work!


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