Producers vs. Consumers

Over the last few months I’ve come across a few articles online covering the following topics:

  • a couple that renovated their landlord’s apartment unit for a break in their rent
  • people in New York City who are raising chickens in the middle of the city
  • a man from the city who is building his small cabin in the woods of NY
  • installing solar panels on top of your house
  • a man who traded his career as an attorney for a career as a motorcycle repair shop owner

I can’t really explain why, but these articles have me thinking about whether I’m a consumer or a producer. I realize there isn’t an obvious connection between the articles and my thoughts. Can’t explain it. And, I don’t have some ground-breaking definition of either of these terms, so I’ll just say this: Am I taking up more space then I’m creating? Am I using more ideas than I’m sharing?

And maybe it isn’t a race to see if I can beat the world at coming up with ideas. Maybe I’m more interested in trying to take the ideas that are “coming in” and produce. Something. Worthwhile.

In what way or ways are you producing? When are you most likely to produce? In what ways?


3 thoughts on “Producers vs. Consumers

  1. jscot

    I’m wondering how much of your blog is related to “where you are at in life”…I’m not suggesting a mid-life-crisis in anyway, just a mid-life-reality-check. It reminds me of the shift in family dynamic when you realize that you’re not going home anymore for Thanksgiving, that in fact it’s your home that the family will now gather to. I’ve spent all these years consuming and living off of what others have produced, and it is time for me to “give back”.

  2. Ruth

    My best “productions” are our four sons. What else can I say?! They, in turn with their sweet wives, have produced 12 beautiful grandchildren who will make this world a better place in the future.


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