A Fresh Start!

This is a new beginning. I realize that you can really only have one beginning, so maybe this should be called a “fresh start”. I gave up on blogging about six months ago for various reasons (some of which I”ll probably explain in greater detail over the next few months), but mostly because the blogs weren’t meeting a need. My need. And so…it died.

I think I need a place to file my “stuff”. You know…stuff. As in thoughts, photography, articles from other sites, etc. I feel more creative when I’m organized. I’ve also decided to combine the old blogs. One was about me and my family, and the BJM Photography blog was about, well, BJM Photography. No more. They are coming together to form one blog. And rather than just focus on photography or my family, I’m expanding possible topics to include the following:

  • BJM Photography
  • My life
  • creativity
  • time management
  • organization
  • vision
  • design
  • and any other subject that I feel go along with the subject above

Here is my vision for this blog:

This is a place where I can keep track of what I shoot, read, think about and/or want to share. This will be my new filing cabinet. And you are invited to peek into my cabinet any time you’d like…


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